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NexPhone is the future of smartphones

NexPhone is the only smartphone you will ever need in the future, which becomes a Tablet, Laptop or PC.

WALNUT CREEK, CA – September 10, 2012 – Kosmaz Technologies today announced NexPhone Project, the only smartphone that you will ever need in the future with the capability of becoming your tablet, laptop or PC.

NexPhone wants to change mobile computing forever by taking the power of the smartphone to an unmatched level like never before. NexPhone is designed essentially to become user's primary PC to create, view and edit documents and other content. This is achieved by Ubuntu for Android software, bringing real computer experience.

"People are increasingly using smartphones as their primary computer" said Emre Kosmaz, president of Kosmaz Technologies, "NexPhone sets itself apart from other smartphones on the market by featuring Ubuntu for Android software”. NexPhone also becomes your tablet when it is used with our tablet dock and becomes your Laptop or PC bringing full desktop experience when it is used with our NexLaptop or NexMonitor docks. Together, they provide revolutionary interactive computing experience that empowers consumers to use one single device at home, at the office or on the road without the need of synchronizing their content or contacts with other devices.

"With NexPhone, we are rethinking what a smartphone can be in the future and creating a new category of consumer electronic device that combines the power of a tablet and PC with the latest smartphone features, while eliminating consumers' need for additional computers” he added.

While using the tablet dock of NexPhone consumers can run their smartphone applications in a larger screen and use the same Internet connection for their tablet saving on data costs. With new generation of CPU/GP's for mobile phones, NexPhone is envisioned to be used as primary Laptop while traveling and Office PC at the offices.


About Kosmaz Technologies

Kosmaz Technologies wants to change the way people use the computer through an innovative hardware concept.

With this innovation, Kosmaz Technolgies is creating a new mobile computer phone category: NexPhone.

NexPhone is a smartphone that becomes full PC with Ubuntu for Android software. When connected to a monitor and a keyboard, using the Nex dock, Nexphone will provide a complete desktop solution. The NEX series will feature affordable options to dock your existing smartphone to peripherals such as a tablet, laptop or wide screen monitor.

The "brain in your pocket" concept is what people have been waiting for and we envision a world where we carry only our smartphone and connect to any screen in the world to turn them into tablets, laptops and PCs.

Founded in 2005, Kosmaz Technologies is privately held and based in Walnut Creek, CA.

Additional information on NexPhone can be found at

Media Contact: Liz Kayacan –, (925) 395-5100 x5126

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