About Us

NexCrea wants to change the way people use the computer through an innovative hardware concept.

With this concept, NexCrea is creating a new mobile computer phone category: NexPhone.

NexPhone is a smartphone that becomes full PC. When connected to a monitor and a keyboard using the Nex dock, Nexphone will provide a complete desktop solution. The NEX series will feature affordable options to dock NexPhone to peripherals such as a tablet, laptop or wide screen monitor.

The "brain in your pocket" concept is what people have been waiting for and we envision a world where we carry only our smartphone and connect to any screen in the world to turn them into tablets, laptops and PCs.

NexPhone is one step closer to reality today. Check out NexDock our first consumer product today.

Emre Kosmaz founder of Kosmaz Technologies LLC is the visionary behind the idea. He is an industrial designer and serial entrepreneur, providing Internet Phone Services with his latest venture VoIPVoIP.com. He has a strong team in various backgrounds to get this project alive. Founded in 2005, Kosmaz Technologies is privately held and based in Walnut Creek, CA.


Media Contact: Liz Kayacan – pr @ NexCrea.com, (925) 395-5100 x5126

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